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Starting November 16, 2023! A service charge will be added for payments made by debit/credit card. The service fee, paid directly to the card processor, will be 3.15%. Please note this charge is for payments by debit/credit cards only and will show up as a separate transaction on your statement. Alternative payment types: ACH (echeck - which can be paid through the portal) and checks will continue to be accepted without additional service fees.

Sewer Traffic Control Permit Application

Sewer traffic control permit application.

Sewer Traffic Control Application Information

Traffic control plans are required to show all dimensions of tapers, work zones, activity areas, detour routes, etc. Minimum review for traffic control permit applications is 7 business days. After the traffic control plans are reviewed and finalized, an invoice with the payable fee will be sent to the applicant. Once payment is received the traffic control permit will be issued. Payments received after 3PM will be processed the following business day.

25 MB upload limit. CTRL+click files in the file picker to select multiple files.
Traffic Control Fee Calculation Form, Traffic Control Plans, and other relevant documents.

Compliance Agreement

The undersigned hereby certifies that I/we agree to assume any and all responsibility and to abide by all rules, regulations and conditions as set forth in the city of Thornton rules, regulations, conditions and stipulations (refer to next page) of this permit, and codes for traffic control. The undersigned shall follow the manual on uniform traffic control devices, latest edition, as it relates to this permit and special conditions. If any requirements or conditions of this permit are not in compliance, the permit shall be revoked by order of the traffic engineer. I/we agree to vacate the right-of-way as directed by the traffic engineer.