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Starting November 16, 2023! A service charge will be added for payments made by debit/credit card. The service fee, paid directly to the card processor, will be 3.15%. Please note this charge is for payments by debit/credit cards only and will show up as a separate transaction on your statement. Alternative payment types: ACH (echeck - which can be paid through the portal) and checks will continue to be accepted without additional service fees.

Franchise Construction Permit Application

Construction permit application for work being ordered for an organization with a franchise agreement like XCEL, Comcast and United Power.

Application Information

Please adjust end date of permit. Start date must be at least 14 days out.
25 MB upload limit. CTRL+click files in the file picker to select multiple files.

Total fees due will be presented to you after you submit this application.

Compliance Agreement

Applicant hereby agrees to comply with all provisions of the City of Thornton's Building Code, standards specifications, and drawings for design and construction, approved plans, or any other ordinance, code, law, rule or regulation, and that this permit shall be invalid, if, during the performance of the work, a violation of any of the above ensued. Should violations occur and corrective directives are not followed, this permit shall be deemed to be cancelled and the improvements shall be made to conform with these provisions or they shall be removed and replaced at the applicant's expense.